Nested Strategy

Nested Strategy

Strategy Overview

Nested Strategy Overview

An integral part of SMMCNE that collaborates with industries to transform their innovations into products and services that benefit both businesses and society. In addition to offering outreach channels and support, SMMCNE specializes in managing intellectual property, contracts, and research agreements.


Strategic Alliance

Seeds planting project, an entrepreneurial exchange initiatives for people who intend to adopt our N.E.E.T.D Framework for business expansion.

Strategy Alliance


MRC Young - Making Your Dream Real

MRC Young Programme  

Why Join "MRC Young"

  • An entrepreneurial platform for “Young” generation who aims high but lack of financial resources.
  • Provides nested entrepreneurial initiatives to those kindergartens and learning centres operators for business expansion.
  • Powered by SMMCNE (SMM Centre for Nested Entrepreneurship) and Super Memory Map.
  • A comprehensive start-up and accelerator programme for pre-school and after school operators in Malaysia.
  • Members can access to the SMM Nested Edupreneurial Community.

Benefits of MRC Young Programme

  • State of art SMM whole brain development programme.
  • Financial support (seed funding, subjected to T&C).
  • Proven and successful business model (NEETD).
  • Professional edupreneurial training and development.
  • Branding support.
  • Annual event / yearly educational tour.

Values of MRC Programme

The MRC Young Programme aims to support eligible individuals, with an audacious mission to make a FUN and EASY life.


MRC Young Inspiring Slogan

  • Lead Transparently
  • Earn Systematically
  • Act Vigorously
  • Think Entrepreneurially

Membership Eligibility (2 Entry Levels)

“SEED” Entry

  • Non-university / non-college graduate.
  • SPM (minimum 5 credits).
  • No working experience.


  • University or college graduate.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in pre-school or after school care.
  • Individual operator of learning centre / tuition centre / child care / kindergarten.

How to Apply

Please email to [email protected] for registration. Alternatively, you may call: 016-2077631 .


Corporate Partnership