Nested Edupreneurial Development

Nested Edupreneurial Development

The Planter

SMM Team Economizer

What is The Planter?

In the rapidly changing business environment, business expansion into a new market is hard and challenging. Thus, The Planter program will offer you with essential trainings to develop skillful and knowledge human capital for exploring the new market.
At the end of the program, participants are trained to develop new teams for entrepreneurial business expansion, which subsequently making their business BIG.

What we do?

The key activities and training offered in The Planter phase include M3, M4 and coaching and mentoring programmes.
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Planting Seeds Programme
Tree Grafting Project
Nested Capabilities Transfer Workshop
Team Economizing Project
Nested Education
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Team Challenges

Fixed Deposit Contest (NMF)
Oversea Edupreneurial Trip
Startup Business Plan
Special Sales Drive