Nested Edupreneurial Development

Nested Edupreneurial Development

The Nest

SMM Start-up Incubator

What is The Nest?

Bringing an idea to fruition is the most challenging task for many start-ups. It is no wonder so many great ideas stop at the idea stage. Fortunately, to ease your path way to success, the Nest as a start-up incubator program will bring you the necessary hand-on supports, connections and advises for you to translate your business idea into an action-based business plan.
At the end of the six months program, participants are expected to develop a “performing team” for executing their business plan. The ideology goal is “Making Nested Entrepreneurs Learning Fun and Easy”. 

What we do?

Within the 6 months Nesting duration, participants learn the tricks of establish a performing team, through attending the following courses:
1) Module 1,
2) Internship program, and
3) Edupreneurial Accreditation Programmes,
The content of these courses cover personal leadership development, heart connection and relationship building programs.
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Team Challenges

Fixed Deposit Contest (NMF)
Oversea Edupreneurial Trip
Startup Business Plan
Special Sales Drive