Nested Edupreneurial Development

Nested Edupreneurial Development

The Wings

The Wings: Startup Accelerator

What is The Wings?

The Wings is a startup accelerator in which every year we select high performance teams to work with us. Our objective is to "Make Things Happen via Value-creation".
Upon completion of the programme, participants and their team members will be equipped with practical management skills and knowledge to execute their business plan.

What we do?

At The Wings, we offer comprehensive coaching programme for participants to accelerate their business performance. The programme consists of M2 and master coach programme. Unleash your startup's potential with expert guidance, resources, and networking opportunities.
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Master Coach Programme
The 8 Great Habits Initiative
Accelerator Education
Team Transformation Workshop
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Team Challenges

Fixed Deposit Contest (NMF)
Oversea Edupreneurial Trip
Startup Business Plan
Special Sales Drive