YES Club Knowledge Sharing

YES Club Knowledge Sharing

MRC International Nested Edupreneurial Team Development Conferences

A total of 292 Edupreneurial Team Leaders attended the MRC International Nested Entrepreneurship Conference 2018 event.  It was the last event of 2018 organised by SMM Education Group that is filled with inspirational activities and practical resources that were truly beneficial to the participants over the 2 days 1 night program.

This exclusive annual conference is a forum for all ETLs to set the agenda for the coming years and it emphasize the learnings among ETLs with the presentation sessions and insights from great speakers.  One of the fabulous presentations was “4 Key Processes Reform Initiatives” chaired by MRC Internal Team Leader (ITLs) and SMM Council Team – 4KPs Committees.  The key objective of the session is to achieve strategic alignment between ETLs and ITLs through new initiatives as well as the advancement of current 4KPS initiatives.  The involvement of ETLs will definitely contribute a well-balanced outcome between both parties to accomplish in 2019.

MRC International Nested Entrepreneurship Conference 2018

Nested Entrepreneurial Economizing Team Development Workshop

The presentation was followed by Nested Entrepreneurial Economizing Team Development Workshop for the evening session.  Each centre worked out their 4PKS Business Plan and action plans, which included their team structure, marketing plan as well as Edupreneurial Training and Development plan.  The session were very impressive and helped the participants to grasp an in-depth understanding on their goals for upcoming year.

The evening was ended in a relaxed and casual way with “My Edupreneurial Challenge and Success” sharing.  In this session, a panel of 4 experienced leaders were invited as interviewees to answer some frequently-asked questions from ETLs.  They have shared a comprehensive insight and their valuable experience in terms of operations and management solutions.

Day 2 began with “NEETD Support Providers Dialogue” which was conducted simultaneously in 3 different locations based on each ETL SCN Community Status (The Nest, The Wings, and The Planter).  The session turned out wonderfully as respective speaker shared invaluable insight and ideas based on their past experiences.  Those precious information will certainly inspire the ETLs to become a better leader in the future.

Marvelous sharing session by our CEO cum Group Executive Chairman – Dr. Lim Teck Ting was another highlight of the event.  Dr. Lim gave compelling insight about “The Effective Execution of Deeping 1 School 1 Team Reform & Opening Up”.  During the session, he emphasized the 6 principles and purpose for speeding up the process of making MRC Learning Centre to be A Personalized Learning School.  Moreover, he also shared the analysis conducted through “Entrepreneurial Survey Questionnaires” that aimed to assess the leadership competency, which will be used as part of the research data for future learning and development projects.

CEO's sharing


Thank you to all who attended and made the event successful!


Best regards,
The Management,
SMM Education Group