Nested Edupreneurial Development

Nested Edupreneurial Development

The Nest

The Nest: Startup Incubator

The Nest as a startup incubator programme will bring your business the necessary hands-on support, connection and advise for you to translate your ideas into an action-based business plan.

The Wings

The Wings: Startup Accelerator

The Wings is a startup accelerator in which every year we select high performance teams to work with us. Our objective is to "Make Things Happen via Value-creation".

The Planter

The Planter: Team Economizer

The Planter programme provides you with essential trainings to develop skillful and knowledgeable human capital for exploring the new market.

The Fleet

The Fleet: Team Multiplier

The Fleet is a special programme for enhancing nested entrepreneurial growth. This programme helps participants to multiply their business units and sustainably turn those "trees" into a "plantation".

The Colony

The Colony: Team Duplicator

The Colony allows participants to learn from real case studies of successful entrepreneurs. The goal of this phase is to build an Entrepreneurial Legacy with multiple layers of successful team leaders.